Boozy. Baked. French toast.  This is utterly the perfect thing to do on a weekend, especially if you’re looking to do brunch.  Just do what I did – have it soak in the fridge Friday night, and then throw it in the oven Saturday morning.  And then, enjoy.

Boozy Baked French Toast
Lasts for at least a week’s worth of breakfasts


  • 1 loaf bread (I went with simple white, original recipe recommends challah; either way, try to have it be a bit on the stale side)
  • 3 c milk
  • 3 eggs
  • alcohol of choice; I went with a cocoa liquer/rumchata mix, a very generous pour of both)
  • 3 T sugar
  • dash salt
  • cinnamon and sugar to sprinkle

Take your loaf of bread and lay it out in shingles in your glass pan, like in picture 1.  Whisk together your milk, eggs, sugar, and booze, and pour it over your bread, making sure you cover all of it; what is left in the bottom will be soaked up by the bread.  Sprinkle the soaked bread with cinnamon and sugar.  Cover the pan and put in the fridge overnight to soak up the booze custard.

In the morning, heat your oven to 425 (mine went to 400), and take the cover off the pan and put it in for a half hour, until the bread is puffed up and golden, (see pic 3).  

And then, enjoy your delicious boozy breakfast. You deserve it.

Sometimes, you just need to make yourself a quick treat.  This definitely qualifies.  There are some shortcuts involved, and depending on what you keep in your pantry/fridge, you may not have it on hand right away, but the end result is fantastic.  Bailey’s and chocolate? Hell yeah.  Make it into a pie form, and really, there is literally no way you can go wrong with this.

Bailey’s Chocolate Pie
Lasts 6 lunches as a dessert


  • 6 oz semisweet chocolate chips
  • 1 c whipping cream
  • 1 T sugar
  • 2 oz (aka .25 c) Bailey’s, any flavor
  • 1 pre-made chocolate pie crust (you can make your own, but honestly, some days you’re just lazy)

Melt your chocolate chips according to the directions on the package (typically, 1 minute for a 6 oz package, stop it halfway through to stir it to prevent burning).   Set them to the side.

Combine your whipped cream and sugar, and mix with an electric mixer for about five minutes on low, until it gets stiffer and peaks form.  Once that happens, mix in your melted chocolate and Bailey’s, until combined.  

Then, spoon the mixture into the pie crust and refrigerate overnight, until the chocolate Baileys’ mixture thickens.

And then, enjoy the chocolate boozy pie goodness.

I cannot explain the full depths of awesome that this drink is. Maybe it’s because it’s so cold out, and I need to keep warm. Maybe it’s because I like buttered rum way more than I thought it did. maybe because it has the words “pumpkin spice” in it. But either way, this is a fantastic drink for a late fall edging into winter night.

Pumpkin Spiced Hot Buttered Rum
Makes 1 small pot, or enough to get you drunk if consumed over the course of an evening


  • 2 c dark rum (I used Kraken rum)
  • 1.5 c apple cider (obtained from the farmer’s market)
  • .5 c water
  • 1 T pumpkin spice flavoring
  • 2 T butter
  • .5 t vanilla extract
  • 1 T honey

Boil your dark rum, cider, and water. As soon as it reaches the boiling point, add the pumpkin spice, butter, vanilla extract, and honey. Then, keep on low, and slowly but surely enjoy through the night.