This, however? This was a HUGE mistake. Pro tip kids: Do not eat salmon you got on sale raw on the second day after you unwrap it. It ends with you throwing up in a Loop restaurant on the way home. Writing the recipe down because maybe I’ll overcome my aversion to it down the road. 

Marinated Salmon Sashimi Salad


  • 1 lb salmon (seriously, make sure it’s sashimi grade or it will end poorly), sliced into thin strips
  • 1 T miso
  • 1 T mirin
  • 1 T soy sauce
  • 1 t sesame oil
  • pinch shichimi
  • dash lemon juice

Whisk together all of your ingredients except for the lemon juice, pour it over your sliced salmon and toss, and top with a bit of lemon juice. 

I very rarely run into a recipe that I don’t like, or that falls flat, but unfortunately, this is one of them.  As such, not really gonna post a recipe for this one, as I won’t be using it again, but will be posting where I think it went wrong.

I originally found this recipe for pop rock cookies a while ago, and the concept sounds awesome – the fizziness of pop rocks in a cookie? Fuck yeah!

The recipe posted at CakeSpy makes a really good sugar cookie, I’ll give it that.  But adding the Pop Rocks is a recipe for disappointment.  Because the dough is wet, the Pop Rocks will pop right in the dough, and especially while the cookies are baking, leaving little clumps of spent Pop Rocks in the cookies.  As it turns out, this is not all that appetizing, isn’t that flavorful, and just leaves random clumps of spent, borderline chewy candy in the dough.

So, good experiment, but won’t be doing that again.