I made this recipe for 3 reasons: 1) because I needed to use up my leftover bacon, 2) I needed something to help me time the tomato bacon chutney being finished, and 3) I honestly hadn’t made this recipe in a while, and that needed to be fixed.  The recipe on this was a bit approximate, as my brown sugar was hardened when I used it, and it’s been long enough since I made this that I I forgot the exacts on how I used to get the perfect candied bacon.  But trust me, I will eventually update this post once I’ve got it down.

Candied Bacon
Makes 2x how ever many bacon strips you have


  • bacon
  • dark brown sugar

Preheat your oven to 325 (mine was at 300 because of the normal running hot thing). Cover a baking sheet in foil, cut your strips of bacon in half, and cover them in brown sugar (the shown amounts were okay, but I need to make it again to get a better idea of where it should be).  Put your strips in the oven for 20 minutes (which gave me the second picture), and be sure to remove the strips right away after they’re done, because they otherwise kind of harden to the foil.  

The resulting candied bacon, though? Heaven.  Absolute friggin’ heaven.


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