The weekend is one of the few times I will do anything that requires any sort of effort for breakfast, as during the weekday, breakfast mostly doesn’t happen.  My wakeup time is timed so that I have enough time to wake up all the way, make myself look decent, and get out the door on time, and unless I have something breakfasty that I can eat at work, I usually don’t eat till a midmoring snack.  Breakfast has become a weekend thing exclusively for me, which means I’m willing to put a bit more effort into making it.

This was a fun little exercise, as I’ve never poached an egg before, but I can say that it didn’t turn out half bad.  Might not have the bread under teh broiler as long as I did next time, and I forgot the cheese, but otherwise, this is definitely something I’d think of making again.

Garlic and Tomato Rubbed Toast with Poached Egg
Makes 1


  • slice roasted garlic bread
  • peeled garlic clove
  • tomato
  • 2 eggs
  • shredded cheese of some sort (original recommends parmesan, I didn’t add any, will likely experiment with what I have in the fridge next time)
  • basil (didn’t use this as fresh basil is fuckass expensive right now)

Take your slice of bread and throw it under the broiler until it gets to your desired doneness for toast.  As soon as it’s done, take it out of the oven, and rub it with your garlic clove. Slice your tomato in half, and then rub half of it against the still warm toast.  

While this is happening, poach your eggs – the trick I used was to put vinegar in teh water, bring it to almost boiling, and put the rings of two mason jars in and crack the eggs directly into the mason rings.  The eggs mostly turned out (see pic 2), though getting them out was a bit difficult.  I recommend a spoon of some sort, and sliding it under the mason jar rings for next time.

Put your eggs on top of the toast, add the cheese and basil if you have it on hand, and boom; utensil free breakfast that’s relatively easy to make, filling, and looks pretty besides.


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