I AM SELLING COOKIES! Going to do six flavors to start, listed below. Prices are $10 for a half-dozen, $20 for a full dozen, and $35 for two dozen. Two options will be $1 higher for each, but that’s because they either involve alcohol, or expensive ingredients. If you are local to Madison, no shipping cost, and I will deliver them to you in person! Otherwise, shipping will tend towards Priority, but may be able to go first class if you’re close enough. International, we’ll work something out. I do take PayPal!

The flavors are as follows:

CHOCOLATEGASM: Extra dark cocoa powder, Rolos, white chocolate bits, semisweet chocolate bits, bittersweet chocolate bits. (These are $1 extra per half-dozen/dozen/2 dozen, due to the expense of the chocolate bars.)
IRISH WHITES: White chocolate chip with Bailey’s (These are also $1 extra per half-dozen/dozen/2 dozen, due to the expense of the Bailey’s.)
-PRINCESS DAISIES: White chocolate chip with maraschino cherries
-MINT CLUSTERS: Mint chocolate chip
CHAI PUMPKIN SPICE: Chai concentrate and spiced thumbprints with pumpkin spice Hershey’s on top
FANDOM SUGAR COOKIES: I have the following fandom cutters: Moogle, Chocobo, TARDIS, and Derpy Hooves. I can do one dozen of one cutter, or a mix of all; your choice!

Thinking of something else that’s not on here? Talk to me and we’ll work something out. ^^

Hit the ask box if interested!

Just a reminder!


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