Sometimes, after a damn long week, all you need is a good, bloody hunk of meat.  And lucky, one of the local grocery stores was doing roasts for $3.50/lb, so I got a four pound roast for $14, which is pretty damn cheap.

The recipe I’m including also has instructions for a sauce, but honestly, I usually just prefer the bloody meat.  😛  It also has a table for how long to cook your roast to get the desired doneness, at both medium rare, and medium well – I went for mostly rare for my roast.

Perfect Roast Beef
Lasts: Dependent on how big your roast is, and how much you like meat


  • 1 beef roast (my roast was 4 lbs, my instructions will be based on that weight)
  • salt and pepper

Rub your roast with salt and pepper, and preheat your oven to 450 (425).  Put your roast in your baking dish, and put in the oven for 10 minutes. After ten minutes, reduce the heat to 275 (250), and let roast until you reach your desired doneness.  The picture above was obtained by roasting at 250 at my oven’s temp for two hours.  Medium rare is supposed to be closer to two hours fifteen minutes, and medium well two hours forty-five minutes.  

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