You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been gone for a while now.  Well, it was partially because I was gone for a good week on vacation (and at my father’s home for a bit before it), so I was trying my best to empty out my fridge.  Still wasn’t good enough, though, as I came back, and found that my fridge had decided to die while I was out, destroying a good few hundred worth of food, and ye gods, the smell.  (But, up until that, the vacation was good.) Luckily, the landlord gave me a discount on the rent and replaced it less than twelve hours later, so I was able to restock it a bit, but it’s still gonna have a ways to go to be up to where it was before. 

So, I have some pretty awesome friends.  One of them runs an amazing little Etsy shop called Paintbox Soapworks, which sells the most fantastic soaps, scrubs, and lotions I’ve ever used. She also does a wonderful little sporadically updated food blog called Butter and Eggs.  She used to be a pastry chef, and she knows her shit.  

This is a wonderful, simple little recipe, best used to unwind from a stressful ass week. 

Dirty Nori Rice
Lasts 5 meals minimum, likely more


  • 3 c short grain rice
  • 1 sheet nori seaweed
  • 2 T soy sauce
  • 1 T rice vinegar

Cook your rice according to the instructions on the package; I used a steamer for mine.  Once the rice is done cooking, fluff it with a wood paddle.  The original recipe recommends toasting your nori sheet; I tried, and I got a burnt crisp, so depending on your level of skill, you may or may not want to try this.  Either way, tear up the nori into small, thin pieces (see picture 2).  Once this is done, sprinkle your soy sauce and rice vinegar over the rice, and toss with the wood paddle to combine.

And thus you have a simple, flavorful, vaguely ocean tasting main course that will last you until payday!


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