Garden progress, at about week #2!

l to r: Strawberry bucket, garlic pot #1, cherry tomatoes, garlic pot #2, mint pot (peppermint and chocolate mint), basil pot (genovese), onion pot (started about two days ago).

The idea here is to hopefully be able to use this to replace some of my grocery expenses, once they really get producing. The basil and strawberries, I’ll pretty much be able to use right away, once fully ripe (and the strawberries are everflowering, so I should have a good supply all throughout the summer). (Plus, once I get a few good ripe ones, I’ll show you my trick to keep strawberries ripe and fresh in the fridge for up to two weeks post picking.)  The cherry tomatoes and mint and garlic are definitely producing, but they’re not quite ripe, so they’ll be a bit of a delay. I can’t tell if the onion regrowth is working (you’re supposed to be able to stick the root end in after you cut it from the main veggie, and regrow in perpetua), but odds are with the amount of rain we’ve had we’ll know soon enough.

I’m going to check and see if there’s anything else I get on a regular basis that can be regrown from scraps/cuttings (laundry basket potatoes and ginger have been suggested), and may add from there.  But otherwise, yay gardening!


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