You’re probably not gonna hear much from me the next few days, depending on my motivation levels (and if something turns out by tomorrow), so, I thought I’d give you insight into what goes into my planning.

I’m thinking of making some ciabatta bread down the line (probably next week sometime, right before I go grocery shopping), as I’m thinking of doing sammiches for part of my next month grocery cycle (I typically shop for a month at a time).  

The recipe I have calls for a biga starter, so I’m starting that now, and freezing it for later use. The first pic is what the starter looks like at the beginning, and the second picture is an idea of where I’m storing it for the next 12 to 24 hours/kitchen space (and yes, that is a Companion Cube cookie jar). Assuming that everything turns out okay with it, I’ll post that recipe tomorrow.  ^^


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